Industrial Automation


Our company carries out deliveries of individual components and industrial automation systems of the world's leading manufacturers: SIEMENS, ABB, Moeller, IFM, TURCK, Pepperl-Fuchs, PhoenixContact, Weidmuller, Apator, Schneider Electric, Hyperline, EKF, Finder, OMRON, LSIS, Rittal, WAGO , TDM, SICK, PILZ, Allen-Bradley, Control Techniques, LAPPGROUP, Schrack

SIEMENS Industrial Automation

Siemens company is a recognized global leader in the production of components and integral automation units today. The range of manufactured modules covers industrial controllers, programmable relays, programmable logic controllers, contactors, and so on.

PLC is particularly worth attention; Siemens controllers are in high demand in a variety of areas. The number of individual series should be allocated (LOGO, Simatic), which differ in technical and operational characteristics.

Siemens LOGO!
LOGO! – is a range of peripheral devices and Siemens controllers which distinguish in operational versatility and compact dimensions. Focused on creation of automated systems that provide logical processing of information. Interaction of modules is carried out thanks to a built-in memory device commands. Programming can be performed with the help of using the appropriate software (LOGO! Basic), as well as using the built-in keyboard.

Another advantage of the LOGO! Is an economic attractiveness, the very this Siemens series is the optimal solution in the case of the creation of new systems or global update of old ones.

Siemens SIMATIC S7-200

The range of programmable controllers Siemens Simatic S7 200 has been confidently holding the position on the market for several years. Such popularity of "Simatik" is explained by its reliability, excellent performance and low price of Simatic modules (especially when compared with more modern counterparts). The most cost-effective solution for the implementation of tasks that involve relatively simple automation and management.

Controllers of Simatic series support communication technology and the exchange of data via modems, telemetry systems, Ethernet networks, AS-Interface, MPI, PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUS, PPI

Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200

Siemens Simatic series S7 1200 are microcontrollers of a new generation, designed to replace the popular series of Simatic S7 200 controllers, and having a high operational versatility and guaranteed reliability. They can be involved virtually in any complex automated systems and nodes. Despite its technological excellence, "Simatik" preserve its affordability

Series controllers support the transfer of information and communication by means of various compounds (Industrial Ethernet / Profinet interfaces, Point to Point), as well as PROFIBUS, Modbus, AS-Interface, USS, ASCII.

Siemens SIMATIC S7-300

The range of Simatic S7-300 is focused on the implementation of complex tasks, the devices have the ability of the use of a wide range of additional modules for updating and expanding the functional, control of power. A system of natural cooling is provided, that simplifies the operation and improves its reliability.

Siemens SIMATIC S7-400

Simatic S7-400 series is the Siemens most advanced products in the field of automation, built on a modular principle. There is a possibility of an immediate replacement of Simatic, there is a system of natural cooling. "Simatik» S7-400 allows you to quickly increase capacity, depending on the current needs. There is a voluminous set of built-in functions for all automation tasks and management, accessible through an appropriate interface.

Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500

Simatic S7-1500 series are innovative universal programmable controllers focused on solving problems of medium and high level of complexity and based on further development and improvement of well-known programmable controllers of Simatic S7-300 and S7-400. They have the highest performance in its class and is ideal for the concept of Totally Integrated Automation - Integrated Integrated Automation.

In addition to the controllers in the Siemens product range also have everything you need for automation: system of industrial networks (Ethertet / PROFINET, PROFIBUS, MPI, AS-Interface, IWLAN, OPC-Server, Point-to-Point and others.), human machine interface (operator panels and SCADA-visualization system), the decentralized input-output systems, industrial computers, power supplies, detecting devices and sensors, ballasts and power systems.

OMRON Industrial Automation

OMRON is a major international company founded in 1933 in Japan. The structure of OMRON consists of units producing equipment in the field of medical equipment, industrial automation and electronic components.

In Russia, OMRON is best known for its products for the medical and health industry, but the division of Industrial Automation (Industrial Automation) has achieved the status of one of the electrical market leaders for its 50 year history.

Automation systems, sensors, detecting devices, driven equipment,machine vision systems, and more have found their wide application in industries such as food processing, petrochemicals, machinery.

Equipment OMRON of Industrial Automation division includes the following areas:

  • Automation systems
    • Universal machine controllers NJ
    • Compact PLC CP1E, CP1L, CP1H
    • Modular PLC CJ-series
    • Remote input / output devices of NX, GX, CRT1 series
    • Human machine interface NSJ, NS, NB
    • Software CX-One, Sysmac Studio
  • Driven Equipment
    • Motion control controller Trajexia, CJ1W
    • Servo system G5, series G, SmartStep 2
    • Frequency converters (inverters) Series RX, LX, MX2, JX, SX
  • Detecting devices
    • Photoelectric sensors E3Z, E3S, E3FA, E3FB
    • Fiber Optic Sensors E32, E3X
    • Inductive Sensors E2A, E2B, E2S
    • Limit Switches D4N, D4B, D4C, ZC, Z
    • Rotary Encoders E6A2-C, E6B2-C, E6C2-C, E6C3-C, E6F-C, E6H-C, E6C3-A, E6F-A
  • Control Components
    • Temperature regulator K8AB-TH, E5L, E5C2, E5CSV, E5CB
    • Power sources S8VK-C , S8VK-G, S8JC-ZS, S8JX-G, S8JX-P, S8TS, S8EX
    • Timers H3DS, H3DK, H3YN, H3CR, H3CX, H2C
    • Meters H7EC, H7ET, H7ER, H8GN, H7CX, H8PS
    • Programmable Relay ZEN-10C, ZEN-20C, ZEN-8E, ZEN-PA
    • Digital Panel indicator meters K3GN, K3MA, K3HB
  • Switching Components
    • Electromechanical relays G2RV, MY, LY, MKS, G7J, G7L, G7Z
    • Solid relays G3RV, G3R, G3NA, G3PA, G3PE, G3PH, G3PF
    • Low-voltage switching devices J7KNA, J7KN, J7TKN, J7MN
    • Control devices K8AK, K8DS, K7L
    • Pushbutton Switches A16, A22, M16, M22
  • Frequency inverters OMRON CIMR-J7, CIMR-V7, CIMR-E7, CIMR-F7
    • OMRON 3G3MX2
    • OMRON JX
    • OMRON RX
    • V1000
    • J1000
    • A1000
    • 3G3LX
    • OMRON MX2 (obsolete.)
    • OMRON SX
  • Programmable terminals NS
  • Checking relays K8AB, K8AK and K8DS
  • Servo drive Sigma II (OMNUC W)
  • Servo drive XtraDrive
  • Servo drive SmartStep 2
  • Integrated servo drive R88E-AECT
  • Line servo motors R88L-EC
  • Programmable logic controllers:
    • CP1E
    • CP1H
    • CP1L
    • CPM1A, CPM2A, CPM2C
    • CQM1H
    • CJ1
    • CS1
    • CJ2
  • Machine controller Sysmac NJ
  • Programmable relay ZEN V2
  • Programmable relay ZEN V1 (old model)
  • Operator panel Omron NA
  • Programmable terminals NS
  • Operator panels Omron NB
  • Operator panels Omron NQ
  • Programmable terminals NP3 and NP5
  • Programmable terminals NT2S, NT11S, NT20S, NT31, NT631
  • Temperature regulator E5CN
  • Temperature regulator E5CN-H
  • Thermostats E5CC and E5EC
  • Thermostat E5GC
  • Thermostats E5AC-T and E5EC-T
  • Thermostats E5AC
  • Thermostats E5DC
  • Thermostats E5CSV
  • Thermostats E5CSL and E5CWL
  • Thermostat E5CB
  • Temperature regulators E5GN, E5AN, E5EN, E5AK, E5EK, E5ZN
  • Temperature regulator E5AN-HT and E5EN-HT
  • Industrial relays:
    • Slave of general purpose G2R
    • Slave of general purpose MY
    • Slave relays of general purpose ILY
    • Slave relays of general purpose MK-S
    • Slave relays G2RV
    • Power Relays MM
    • Solid - G3PA, G3PB, G3NA, G3PF, G3PE, G3RV
  • Checking relays K8AB, K8AK and K8DS
  • Level checking relay K8AK-LS
  • Digital counter and timer Omron H8BM-R
  • Digital counters:
  • H7EC
  • H7CX
  • H7BX
  • Counter/Timer
  • H7GP
  • H8GN
  • Timers and Time Switches:
  • H5CX
  • H3CR
  • H3DE
  • H3DS
  • H3YN
  • H5CZ
  • Power supply OMRON
  • S8VS
  • S8VK-C
  • S8VK-G
  • S8VK-T (three-phase power supply)
  • S8VM
  • S8JX-G
  • S8JC
  • S8VT
  • S8EX
  • S82R
  • S8JX
  • S8PE
  • S8T-DCBU-02
  • S82K
  • S8TS
  • S8PS
  • S82J
  • UPS S8BA
  • Limit switches
  • D4B
  • Z-15
  • D4C
  • ZC
  • D4N
  • D4NL
  • WL
  • WL-N
  • Pull rope switches of emergency stop
  • ER
  • Level controllers 61F
  • Solid contactors and soft starters G3J
  • Computer vision systems F10, F150, F150-2, F150-3, F-400
  • Computer vision system F500
  • Computer vision sensor FQ2
  • Computer vision system FQ
  • Computer vision system ZFX
  • Precision laser system of displacement detection Z300 and Z500
  • Sensors:
    • Optical sensors E3T, E3Z, E3NT-L, E3X-DA-N, E32, E3S-C, E3S-CL, E3S-LS, E3F2, E3JK, E3MC, E3S-R
    • Photosensors Omron E3JK
    • photosensor Omron E3FC
    • Two-channel digital fiber enhancer E3X-MDA
    • Enhancer of a fiber optic sensor with the ability to recognize colors E3X-DAC-S
    • Enhancer for fiber optic sensors E3NX-FA
    • The photosensor in a stainless steel unit E3ZM
    • Photoelectric label sensor E3ZM-V
    • Universal photoelectric sensor for the detection of any transparent objects E3S-DB NEW
    • Photoelectric sensor detecting PET of bottles E3ZM-B
    • Laser sensor E3NC
    • Laser sensor ZX2
    • Laser sensor ZX1
    • Laser sensors ZX
    • Contact measurement sensor ZX-T
    • The fiber optic measuring sensor Omron ZW
    • Inductive sensors E2A
    • Miniature inductive sensors E2E
    • Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors E2EQ, E2FQ, E2S, TL-W, TL-N, E2K-L, E2K-C, E2K-F, E2KQ-X
    • The level sensors and pressure sensors 61F-GP, 61F-GP-N8, E8F2, E8Y
    • Encoders (output angle sensors) E6A2, E6B2, E6C2-C, E6C2-A, E6CP, E6F
    • Encoders E6C-N
    • Temperature sensors ES1B
    • Valve position sensor E2MP
    • Humidity sensor ES2-TH and temperature and humidity sensor ES2-THB
    • Detectors ZR-RX20 and ZR-RX40
  • The digital meters and detecting devices K3MA
  • The digital meters and detecting devices K3GN
  • Positioner H8PS
  • Contactors and machines J7KN, J7KNA, J7KNA-AR, J7MN
  • Buttons A22, A16, A22S, A165, A22E, A165E
  • Security systems OMRON
    • Omron G9SA
  • RFID system of radio frequency identification OMRON V680
  • Software OMRON
    • Sysmac Studio
  • Barcode Scanners
    • V500-R2
  • Industrial computer OMRON DialoX

Industrial automation EATON

EATON is an American company founded in 1911 and specialized in providing solutions for the efficient management of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power.

In Russia EATON is mostly known for its decisions in the field of power quality, but with the acquisition of the German company Moeller in 2007, EATON company strengthens its position in the electrical market.

We are pleased to offer our customers the high-quality electrical equipment EATON of Moeller series from our warehouse in Moscow and custom-built, under the optimal conditions.

Electrical Equipment EATON of Moeller series includes the following areas:

Start and motor protection
- Circuit-breakers for motor protection of PKZM0, PLZM4, PKZM01, PKZM0-T, PKM0 and PKE series
— Contactors DILM series, DILEEM, DILEM, DILH, DILK, DILL, DILMP auxiliary relay series DEALER, DILA
— Thermal relays of ZE, ZB12, ZB32, ZB65, Z5, ZW7 series
— Soft starters DM4, DS7
— Frequency converters Power XL series DC1 and DA1
Control and signaling devices
- Light signaling equipment RMQ-Titan of M22 series
- Light columns SL
- Switches operated by foot or palm of the hand FAK
— Limit Switches LS
— Cam type switches of T series, load interrupter switches of T series
— Switch-disconnectors of Dumeco types DMV and DMS
— Single-phase control transformers STN, STI, STZ
-Three-phase transformers DTZ
Measuring relays and timers
— Measuring relay EMR
— Time lag relays ETR
Equipment for industrial automation
— Operator panels, operator panels with PLC functions
— Remote input / output modules
— Programmable Relay EasyRelay and multi-function display MFD-Titan
Modular equipment
— Circuit breakers PL4, PL6, PL7, PL7-DC, PLHT, Z-MS
— Shutoff protection devices PF4, PF6, PF7
— Differential circuit breakers PFL4, PFL6, PFL7
— Surge suppresser POP-270, SPBT12, SPC-S
— Measuring transformers MAK
— Holders disconnectors of fuse links C10-SLS, VLC GSTA
— Fuse links Z-C, Z-NH
Circuit Breakers
— Circuit breakers of BZM, LZM, NZM series
— Plastic switchboards BC- ... -ECO
— Distributing board of embedded performance KLV-U
— Hinged plastic board of a higher degree of protection FKV-O7
— Metal switchboards of large dimension of BF