Instrumentation and equipment

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We are interested in establishing long-term partnership and mutually beneficial relations with all our clients, providing them with technical assistance in selecting products for specific applications, operational support and advice at any stage of exploitation of our equipment.

Thousands of companies and organizations trust us and give preference among many other manufacturers of automation equipment, and we cherish it and try to do everything to meet their needs.


Temperature sensors

  • Platinum, platinum rhodium thermoelectric converters (thermocouple type TPC, TPR)
  • Thermoelectric converters of ignoble group (thermocouple type CAC, CCC, NNC, etc.).
  • Cable thermometers thermocouples (Thermocouple TCA, TCA, TNN, etc.).
  • Thermal converters CRTDTC. Thermal converters PRTDTC.
  • Thermal converters with universal output signal (thermocouples of UCAC, UPCAC, UMCAC type)
  • Nodes and details to thermocouples and resistant thermometers
  • Resistant thermometers and thermocouples Teplopribor Evolution
  • Cable resistant thermometers including increased intervals between verifications
  • Thermoelectric thermal converters with the possibility with non-adjusting control
  • Resistant thermal converters with increased intervals between verifications

Devices and means of automation of technological processes

  • Registrars
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Multi-channel signal devices
  • EDevices for parameters measurement of metal melts
  • Indicating and control devices
  • Power supply sensors
  • Normalizing transducers
  • Spark protection barriers
  • Fluid level gauges
  • Signals distributors

Pressure Sensors

  • Pressure sensors Teplopribor Crocus