Spare parts

Electrician builder at work inspecting cabling connection of high voltage power electric line in industrial distribution fuseboard

Cells contact system of KRU

Cells contact system KRU 6-10 kV:

  • Contact system of KRU-2-10
  • Contact system of KRU K-26
  • Contact system of KRU K-12
  • Contact system of KRU K-13
  • Contact system of KRU K-37
  • Contact system of KRU K-IIIU / K-VIU
  • Contact system of KRU K-104 / K-105 / K-108
  • Contact system CM-1
  • Contact system K-47 / K-59 / K-63
  • Contact system on request

Spare parts for oil circuit breakers

Spare parts for oil circuit breakers:

  • ZIP VMPE 10 630-3150A
  • ZIP FMP (P) -10 630-3150A
  • ZIP VMG-10 630-1000A
  • ZIP VPM (P) -10 630-1000A
  • ZIP HMH-133 630-1000A
  • APP EC / IRB (M) -10 630-1600A

ontact for circuit-breakers

Contact to the ABM, CM, CT, efficiency, PAE, PM, PMA, MC.

The main contact feature is that when current passes That is why every circuit breaker has contacts which are made of certain materials and are subjected to a certain treatment, which not only improves reliability but also heat resistance and electric short-circuit overloads.

That is why the circuit breaker contacts must withstand thermal loads. For these purposes, each circuit breaker has the contacts that are made of certain materials and subjected to certain treatments, that not only increases their reliability, but also resistance to thermal and electrical overload short circuit.

So MK auxiliary contacts are rated to the voltage of 110-160 V at the AC supply, and 110-220, while applying DC. Auxiliary contacts for PAE are considered for a long time current conduction not exceeding 20A. Contact to the PMA and contacts to PML have contact soldering of silver. Contact to the CM have electrical wear grade A, that is the highest. Contact to the CT are made of copper and coated with tin-Visma. Contact to KPD are made of electrical copper.

You can find and order any contacts to any circuit breaker in series of AVM, CM, CT, efficiency, PAE, PM, PMA, MK and many other models that will meet all the standards and requirements.